I spend a lot of time on the computer, and I've had a lot of computers over the years.  I've had PCs, Macs, iPads, Desktops, etc etc.

Spoiler:  Get the laptop that brings you joy!

If you do not know what type of computer to get, then you should probably just get an iPad.  The sizes, storage capacities, and colors might overwhelm you, but don't worry.  My advice is to get 64GB and don't get cellular.  I have had nearly every generation of iPad and I find that as time goes on, the phone is becoming more and more valuable, while the iPad stays at home.

Because the iPad is always at home, you probably don't need cellular.  As far as screen size is concerned, the sweeet spot is around 10-11".  If you want the mini, get the mini, but generally, stick to 10-11".

The best color is one with black bezels around the screen, period.

iPad's run Microsoft Office, can print, have keyboards, turn on immediately, and their battery lasts all day.

Photo by Henry Ascroft / Unsplash


Ok, get the Macbook Pro 16".  Don't get any of the others, if it is out of your budget, wait for the next version of the Macbook Pro 13".


Macbook's can run Windows, they are PCs, their design choices are just really opinionated.

Photo by Tianyi Ma / Unsplash