We have finally come home.

February 27, 2020



After 23 years, it is finally here. This morning I finally acuired Cowherd.com. In 1997 I made the mistake of not purchasing the domain when I had the chance. I am finally at peace.


What’s to come?


I have been thinking about this a lot. This is the best time in history for computer programmers to build out their ideas. The barriers to entry have never been lower. Things like datacenters, software, design patterns have never been as accessible as they are today. In 10 minutes I can spin up a cloud PBX phone system or in 30 minutes I can create an online server for a game that could handle thousands of players. It is now time to build out my ideas.


I strongly believe ideas are cheap, execution is hard. Saying no to a mediocre idea is really important. We can’t get our time back, but going forward we can choose what we spend our time on.