Cloudflare Pages

November 26, 2022

It seems like everytime I update this blog, it is to announce that I have moved it to another hosting provider. Well… I’d like to announce that I have moved it to another provider!

Seriously, all jokes aside, I have been facinated with Jamstack frameworks, static hosting, and these new git based hosting platforms.

Cloudflare Pages is a FREE, robust, and globally available static hosting product that is too good to be true. I am impressed with the workflow. This is nearly perfect.

To update this blog, I opened and found the repository containing these blog posts. They are written in markdown so they should be portable when I decide to move them to another provider. (I have a history of moving, lol).

Next I changed the .com in the url to .dev. Then a browser version of VSCode opened and all my posts were listed on the side.

I created a new MD file, added a title and date to the top of the file and then started typing. I could even see the live Markdown preview while typing.

When I was finished I simply saved the file and made a new commit to the main branch. And a few minutes later this blog page was created.

This is just about as simple as you can get (while maintaining complete formatting freedom and using a best in class editor).

The barrier to entry has never been lower, now I need to setup a dev environment and try out some new themes. I am currently using HUGO but there are a bunch of different Markdown powered Jamstacks available.

Until next time.